Hadlow College Social 2019

A group of the Hadlow College students decided to book a session on ‘The Res’ back in June for their annual get together / social session. With the rising temperatures and high pressure over the week previous it had made the fishing difficult before they had even started.

One of the fishery bailiff’s (Callum) had a couple of days off work before their session was due to start and decided to get a head start on the others by getting down the day before. After having a look round for signs of fish, it was clear that there was a number of fish held up one of the corners on Meadow Bank in the upper layers. He was quick to grab some essentials out of the car before making his way back up to where they were.

Armed with a bag of mixers, a rod, net and a mat, he began carefully firing a few handfuls of mixers out just behind a large group of fish and it wasn’t long at all before they were cautiously picking away at them. After a frustrating hour or so they finally became confident and were taking mixers left, right and centre. After carefully placing a long floater hook length attached to a small controller float, well behind the fish, he slowly teased it back in amongst them and sat back quietly, rod in hand, waiting.

It wasn’t long at all before he had his first bite which turned out to be a cracking mid double mirror. After that, the chaos carried on and he landed 7 fish in a short morning feeding spell, the biggest being ‘Bovs’ at 32lb!

After a hectic flurry of action it stopped as quick as it started and see the swim go lifeless for the next few hours. Later that day the college students arrived at the fishery and after a lap round the lake they did the draw and were given their swims for the next 48 hours.

The first day proved pretty uneventful and it wasn’t until later that evening that the first bite came for the group, however as the session progressed a few more fish were caught from various areas of the lake.

It turned out to be a pretty eventful session for college tutor James who managed 4 fish with the biggest tipping the scales to 33lb, a fish known as ‘Rufus’. What an epic first session it turned out to be for him up on The Res.

‘Rufus’ 33lb

The highlight of the session was for one of the students who managed to smash his PB of 19lb with ‘Smithy’s Common’ at 34llb+, this was well deserved after a quiet first 24 hours. This one came on the last evening and was well celebrated with the rest of the group!

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