The Res

The Res has 24 designated swims spaced out across 24 acres of water. The depth of water does vary throughout the year but generally, the deepest points are approx. 10-12 feet with a clay-based bottom. The carp get caught on a wide range of tactics; bottom baits, pop-ups, Zigs and surface at short, medium and long-ranges all depending on conditions, swims, weed beds and the time of year.

The lake has been carefully stocked with over 600 hand-selected carp & 14 catfish from some of the UK’s best-known fish dealers, some of which we have been growing on in our stock lakes since 2006.  This has ensured there is a good cross-section of all strains of carp including the original fisher pond mirrors, clean commons, heavily scaled mirrors, fully plated and linear’s. 

The carp range from brand new virginal doubles to a very large head of beautiful 20’s & as we write this we estimate there are 40+ different 30lb carp present in the lake. The current lake record Mirror is a fish known as ‘Rambo’ weighing in at 44lb 9oz and the lake record Common is ‘Buster’ at 40lb.  With both good numbers and sizes of fish present, this water offers a realistic chance of an all round great session.

  • Rambo 44lb 9oz
  • Luis Welton - Buster at 40lb
  • Eric caught at 37lb
  • 33lb Common Robin Johnson
  • Lovely Common from the Res
  • 32lb 14oz Mirror
  • Karl Pitchers 31lb
  • IMG_0422

And let’s not forget about the catfish, with the average size around 35-40lb with better specimens reaching a whopping 65lb+.

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